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Welcome To Palamaro Furniture Touch Ups

     Thanks for stopping by my web site.  I have been in business for over 40 years as a professional finisher, antique restorer and since 1985 I have been a professional touch up artist.  Touch up work is done to kitchen cabinets, new or older cabinets, restoration of same, furniture and antiques.  I travel throughout the tri-state area and into other states on special order.  

     Prices for restoration of kitchens are reasonable and much more cost efficient than resurfacing, refinishing or replacing cabinets.  The finish looks as new as possible regardless of age.

     Working for kitchen cabinet designers, showrooms and manufacturers, I visit homes and work on cabinets on site to correct any finish problems originating from the factory, during delivery or during installation.

     Many of my clients are commercial and residential.  Besides touching up kitchens, I touch up and restore furniture and antiques for showrooms and moving companies as well as privately.   My work is the finest touch up work available.  I am never hurried and very professional.  

     The following pages will give you an idea of who I work for and what their thoughts are about my services and my skills. 

     I promise to give you the best that one can find in touch up and restoration work and I will make your finish problems disappear.



BEFORE:  A door at the Plaza Hotel. There were many scratches, gouges, dents and chips in the door.  Some were large and some small, but there were many.



AFTER:  The door at the Plaza Hotel using touch up techniques rather than full refinishing.  It took three to four hours for completion of the work.  

All the work was done on site without having to remove the door from it's hindges.


Below, is a hood reaching up to a 10' ceiling.  It had been burned in a grease fire.  After careful removal of the burned areas, sanding, priming, color matching and decorative artwork, the same hood is seen to the right.