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Over 40 Years 

     I've been in a professional finisher, antique restorer and touch up artist for more than 40 years.

     My career began with my father, Jack L. Palamaro who had a furniture finishing business in Manhattan, NY.  His business was called Palamaro Furniture Decorators.  In his little two man shop he serviced clients such as the Carlylse Hotel, the Hotel Elysee, the Hotel Pierre, as well as manufacturers, designers, decorators, furniture showrooms, owners of rare antiques and many private clients.

     I began working with my father when I was six years old.  I would go to work with him during summer vacations, Easter breaks, Christmas vacations and any time that I could join him to learn my father's profession and of course earn a little money as well. 

     I began as a professional finisher and touch up artist as I apprenticed with him.  After learning my father's skills I was able to offer touch up work, color matching,  finishing, and faux finishing which included Chinese decorations, gold leafing, antiquing, marbleized designs on furniture, striping and much more.  His degree in fine arts from Cooper Union in Manhattan helped to mold me into the finisher/touch up man that I am today as my father taught me all that he learned in college.  He taught me all about wood finishes and every aspect of how to achieve the quality results that my clients expect from me each day.  It was his life and it became mine as well.

     The most important part of my education that my father gave me was that he taught me to be honest and to be a man of integrity.  He said that all one could do was one's best and that the only one perfect in this world was God. He told me that no one is mistake proof or perfect, but that as long as I did my best in my work, my customers would recognize it and they would appreciate it.  He was so very right! I have had wonderful relationships with my clients both residential and commercial clients.

     I worked with my father professionally  and then went into my own business called Palamaro Furniture Decorators, in  New Jersey, where I did furniture finishing using spray equipment and more in a fifteen hundred square foot shop.  In 1985 I began my touch up business; Palamaro Furniture Touch Ups.  I began to travel to on site locations to touch up and restore kitchen cabinets, furniture and antiques in homes, offices, showrooms and offices.

     I worked full time in 1996 to 2000 with the St. Regis Hotel, in mid town Manhattan, as a contractor and then as a full time employee while maintaining my touch up business part time.  I worked in the engineering department doing my touch up and restoration work on their fine furniture, woodwork, and antiques.  I left in 2001 and moved to California, but continued to work in the tri state area as I flew every three to four weeks from the West coast to the East coast to work with clients on both sides of the United States for many years.

     Finally I moved back to the East coast and have settled in Manahawkin, NJ where I have an office and continue to work in Manhattan, Long Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, all of New Jersey and Delaware.  Trips are made outside of these areas for special orders.

     I am thankful for my business and my ability and knowledge to be successful in my business.  

     If you are a new or old client, I pledge my best to you.  Manufacturers, showrooms, designers, decorators, architects, moving companies, building contractors, finishing and upholstery shops, all other commercial clients and of course the residential customer; to all of you,  I promise the best that I have to offer!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear from you soon.

My best to you,

Bart Palamaro